Heavy duty filters

Drop safe®

Drop Safe®

The Drop Safe® pocket filter is a water-removing pre-filter designed to increase the reliability of final filters in air intake systems of gas turbines. Due to its unique media design, the filter provides protection against the migration of salt particles and water droplets, ensuring continuous performance in wet and mist conditions (ISO 29461-2 tested and […]

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FPF Static catridges

FPF static cartridges

FPF static cartridges are used for inlet air filtration of gas turbines and turbo compressors. A coalescer or pre-filter sock can be added to further extend the service life of the cartridge, depending on the ambient air conditions. Cartridges are particularly suitable for locations with high levels of airborne dust and are ideal for filtering […]

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FPF Pulse cartridges

FPF pulse cartridges

The FPF self-cleaning pulse-jet filter cartridges are used in air filtration systems for gas turbines (pulse). FPF Pulse cartridges:

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Compact filters for gas turbines

Compact filters are the final filters in the air intake systems of gas turbines. Their unique design maximizes turbine performance, minimizes fouling and reduces the need for maintenance. Comes in three depths This range is a true economic solution, because the larger the filter, the longer the service life and the lower the pressure drop, […]

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FCP pre-filter

The FCP pre-filter is used as a coalescer and is ideal for applications with constant water spray or mist. It extends the service life of downstream filters and protects them from the constant water spray or mist they are exposed to.

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HD Serie Bag Filter

HD Serie Bag Filter

AFPRO Filters manufactures the media itself, this improvement could be made rapidly. Besides a polymer version, AFPRO Filters also introduced a glass fiber version that generously complies with the minimum efficiency stipulated in ISO 16890. The HD filter ranges from ePM10 70%, ISO coarse 70% to ISO coarse 90% in compliance with ISO 16890. Frame: […]

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What is a heavy duty filter

Afpro Filters introduces a special product range air filters for air inlet systems of turbines. The new air filter product line consists of heavy duty stiff bag filters, compact cassette filters with modular design for filter systems and offshore applications suitable for extreme conditions.

Compact Cassette Filter series

The Compact Cassette Filter series – Modular Filter System PT-(XL-400) RB was developed for turbine installations where there is limited installation space for the various filtration steps. The system is designed so that the pre-filters can be easily combined with the PT Filter range, both in different depths and Filter classes. The RB Filter can be placed directly over the frame of the PT filters without using any gasket or clips. This unique system requires no adjustments and fits in every existing frame.

Modulair filter RB

The Modular RB filter system has a unique design and was developed as a pre-filter to increase the service life of the fine filter. The RB filter products are available in various depths and filter classes. The media is made from high quality unbreakable synthetic fibres with a progressive multi-layer structure which guarantees the dust-holding capacity and low energy consumption.


The RB aquasafe was developed specifically for coastal areas, marine air inlet systems and Offshore applications. The media is moisture-proof and drains water and salt crystals from the air, away from the filter. The RB aquasafe protects the last filtration step from salt and water and preserves the quality of your air treatment, while you protect your operational safety.