Filter medium



PaintCab is a high quality paint overspray filtration media specifically designed to protect both people and the environment from hazardous particles from paint overspray. This extraction filter retains both liquid and powder coating overspray that occurs when working with solvent- and water-based paints in the industrial, automotive and aerospace industries. By choosing for this unique […]

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synthetic medium

Synthetic medium

Synthetic medium are used as pre filters for air treatment systems as well as spray-painting booths. Synthetic filter media are supplied either on a roll or in pre-cut sheets. Available in ISO Coarse, 50%, ISO Coarse 70%, ISO Coarse 80%.

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What is a filter media

AFPRO Filters’ filter medium is made of high quality fibres, which are progressively built up to create a medium with a high particle interception capacity.

Qualities of filter media

In addition to synthetic media, AFPRO has an extensive range of glass fibre media for specific applications, such as spray-painting booths. The filter media are available both in loose sheets and on complete rolls, which can be conveniently cut to size. Depending on the particular application in question, the most appropriate medium can be chosen from filter classes G2 to M5 with various particle interception capacities.