What is a HEPA Filter

This video explains you What a HEPA Filter is.

How to use the disc ISO 16890

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PM1 air filter ISO16890 explanation animation

Learn in just 90 seconds what the new ISO 16890 is all about. And why PM1 protection with the right air filter is key for your health.


Dr. Andreas Winkes talks about about the VDI 6022, ISO 16890 and the Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)

Dr. Andreas Winkes, head of GUI Lab and chairman of VDI 6022, talks about the VDI 6022 and ISO 16890 and how it is important to comply with their guidelines.

Energy efficient air filters

This video explains you how you can save energy and money with energy efficient air filters:


What is particulate matter? Particulate matter air filter

This video answer the question: what is particulate matter?

Company video AFPRO Filters

If you wish to learn more about AFPRO Filters, please check out our company video: