HF Hepa holding frame Holding frames

What is an holding frame

AFPRO holding frames make the correct installation of a filter a simple task. The standard clips provided facilitate the swift and leak-tight installation of filters in frames.


All bag-filter holding frames comprise an endless spray-on gasket, which renders leakage literally impossible, provided the frame is installed correctly. The special pre-drilled holes make it a simple task to fit the frames. In the event that a large filter wall is to be constructed, it is advisable to fit additional reinforcing. In addition to the standard 2” model, there is a 3” model available, which facilitates the installation of a 2” pre-filter and a 1” bag filter in a single frame. This solution is particularly useful in air treatment cabinets which are rather cramped, but nevertheless required the upgrade to an additional filter.

AFPRO has devised a number of innovative solutions for the swift and convenient installation of filters in its HEPA holding frames. As leak-tightness is a crucial requirement in the case of a HEPA filter frame, star nuts can be fitted to ensure a tight fit between the filter and the gasket.


– Easy fitting using clips
– Endless gasket
– Option of fitting several filters in a single frame
– Robust frame
– Swift fitting of frames, thanks to pre-drilled holes