Activated carbon panelActivated Carbon Filter

What is an actived carbon filter

This short video from the AFPRO Filters Academy explains it to you!


An AFPRO carbon filter is used for the filtration of gaseous particles. The use of either loose charcoal or media impregnated with activated carbon enables high efficiency for gases. Various types of carbon filter are used, depending on the application, contamination and concentration in question.

The Carbon Filters can be largely split into three fields of application:

– Organic gases
– Acidic gases
– Alkaline gases

Although various types of carbon filters are used, depending on the field of application, it should be noted that the carbon does have to be impregnated to guarantee suitable efficiency for both acidic and alkaline gases. Furthermore, the optimum product variant has to be selected on the basis of the concentration in question. In the case of high concentrations of gas, for instance, a cylinder containing loose carbon pellets is used, as it has a higher adsorption capacity than a pleated filter element.

Selecting the appropriate carbon filter nevertheless remains a complicated process. However, AFPRO sales staff are pleased to assist you in doing so. Furthermore, AFPRO can test existing filters to establish their remaining adsorption capacity and service life, then advise you when they will have to be replaced.