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AFPRO Filters air filter for datacenter

We supply air filters to leading datacenters around the world such as Equinix, Verizon, Global Switch, KPN, InterXion and many others.< The growing importance of data and data storage required for business continuity has led to a growing demand for reliable and cost effective data centers. Energy-saving air filters follow this trend. We have developed a completely new “Low Energy Datacenter air filter” that will save up to 30% of energy for our customers.

Indoor air quality and saving energy in a datacenter

Reduced air quality can disrupt the availability of your data center. Good air quality is not always a given. How can we ensure this quality? By using the right combination of air filters, air handling units and air circulation.

Many companies want to keep energy costs as low as possible while sustainability also plays a role. Often energy-reducing tools such as the use of cool outside air (direct free cooling) are used. That is indeed sustainable and efficient and is also what we recommend. However this also requires that the air is filtered correctly, as the air around us contains a lot of pollution in the form of particle matter. This particulate matter may include acidifying components, such as sulfur dioxide from diesel, nitrous oxides from agriculture, as well as chloride from salty sea air. When such substances from the outside air reach the data center, it can lead to accelerated corrosion of the IT equipment with failures and “downtime” as a result.

Reduced indoor air quality has implications not only for the availability of the data center (in the Tier-factor) but also with regards to the comfort and health of employees. We therefore advise our clients to also check and control the chemical, physical and possible biological components besides temperature and humidity. Ultimately, we help our customers reduce downtime and thereby keep costs and reputational damage to a minimum by providing the best air quality. We ensure this by using the appropriate air filters. This is also called the “Gaseous and Particulate Contamination”, as the ASHREA TC9.9 describes. Last but not least, we are helping to reduce energy costs for our customers.

Air filtration advice for datacenter Air filtration advice for datacenter