Air filtration advice for pharmaceutical industryAir filtration advice for pharmaceutical industry


CPMC Panel Filter

Panel Filters

– Filter class :ePM1 80%, ePM1 55%, ePM2.5 55%, ePM10 75%
– Compact construction
– Robust construction
– Also available with flange for easy pand sealed mounting in holding frame

HQ 85 ePM1 Bag filter

HQ85 Bag Filter

Bag Filter

– Filter class : ePM1 60%
– Lightweight frame
– High dust holding capacity
– Constant efficiency
– High energy efficiency

HLA Serie HEPA Filter

HLA Serie HEPA Filter

HEPA Filter

– Filter class: E10, E11, H13, H14
– Lightweight construction
– Delivered with a test certificate
– HLA HEPA are fitted with 2 protection grids


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Cleanroom qualification


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Air filtration for pharmaceutical industry

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