Active Carbon Test Active Carbon Test

Choosing a suitable active carbon filter is a complex process, AFPRO Filters sales managers can help you with this. Our teams advise you and ensure that your filters are replaced at the right time. Applying to AFPRO Filters is therefore the guarantee for obtaining an active carbon filter that corresponds to the molecules to be treated.






Use of active coal

Activated carbon is widely used for the adsorption and deodorization of gaseous components in the air. It is used to purify the air and remove odors and to remove oils and organic substances (aromatic compounds, pesticides, alcohol). In summary, active carbon filters hunt unwanted scented molecules, improve air quality and limit harmful effects. In many cases, activated carbon is impregnated to reduce the emission of toxic gases.

The benefits of active coal

At nominal load, the active carbon filters manufactured by AFPRO Filters have the following advantages:

  • Low pressure vessel
  • Large area
  • Good adsorption capacity
  • Long lifespan
  • Available in standard format
  • Rechargeable

Absorption test of active carbon

The following test can be performed :

Estimate the service life of the filters

Concentration of carbon tetrachloride

Measurement of moisture content

Measurement of volatile substances

Size analysis by seven

Microscopic analysis