FPF pulse cartridges

The FPF self-cleaning pulse-jet filter cartridges are used in air filtration systems for gas turbines (pulse).

FPF Pulse cartridges:

  • Extend the service life of the filter and installation.
  • Increase operational reliability.
  • Protect against coarse dust and airborne salt crystals.
Maximize service life and efficiency
Burst pressure
6250 Pa

Gas turbines


  • Burst pressure: 6250 Pa
  • Dust holding capacity: >2700 g at 450 Pa
  • Types of media: cellulose/synthetic blend, synthetic, glass fiber, nanofiber
  • Available in different depths: the larger the filter, the longer the service life and the lower the pressure drop, which means less maintenance and lower costs
  • Several versions are also suitable for high humidity conditions:


  • Power gain
  • Long service life
  • Fouling is negligible
  • Self-cleaning characteristics: maximize service life and efficiency
  • Resists high amounts of dust
  • Product produced by Faist and approved by gas turbine manufacturers

Pulse air intel system solution.