Drop Safe®

The Drop Safe® pocket filter is a water-removing pre-filter designed to increase the reliability of final filters in air intake systems of gas turbines. Due to its unique media design, the filter provides protection against the migration of salt particles and water droplets, ensuring continuous performance in wet and mist conditions (ISO 29461-2 tested and approved).

Purpose of the Drop Safe® pocket filter

  • High efficiency output of gas turbines, less than 2% power loss.
  • Prevents downstream migration of water and salts.
  • Extends the service life of the relatively expensive HEPA filter.

AFPRO Filters BV participates in the ECP program for Air filters (FIL). Check ongoing validity of certificate: WWW.EUROVENT-CERTIFICATION.COM

Unique media
Burst pressure drop
Higher than 6000 Pa

Gas turbines


  • Unique media: the media has a progressive structure for high dust holding capacity. It contains an added hydrophobic treatment and tackifier throughout the medium depth to repel water and maintain its operational safety.
  • Eurovent certified
  • Holding capacity: 680 – 1500 g/unit
  • Burst pressure: higher than 6000 Pa
  • Filter class according to ISO 26461-1: ISO Coarse, ePM10, ePM1 – T4 to T7


  • Water repellent filter media
  • Low pressure drop
  • High burst pressure
  • Increases the reliability of final filters
  • Extends the service life of the machinery
  • Approved by gas turbine manufacturers
  • Tested according to ISO 29461-2

Drop Safe® in air intel system