Cleanroom qualification Cleanroom qualification

Every controlled environment requires high levels of cleanliness and contamination controls.The aim of AFPRO Filters is to support these customers through services that are focused on controlled environments.

A cleanroom is a controlled atmosphere area that aims to minimize the introduction, generation and retention of particles in rooms. At this location, temperature, humidity and relative pressure are maintained at specified levels in accordance with ISO 14644.



food industry

Food industry


Pharmaceutical industry

Analysis and control services for controlled environments


Verification and qualification of your HEPA filtration systems We test and check the integrity of the filter system. This consists of evaluating the density of the HEPA (High Efficiency) filters, the connections and the structure. We guarantee the risk charter by meeting the quality requirements for the indoor climate of clean rooms and controlled environments.


Measure of high particle concentration

This operation consists of identifying and quantifying potentially hazardous particles in a closed environment in which contaminants (biological, chemical, nuclear …) are processed. The ultimate goal is to determine whether the ambient air is healthy or not and to take corrective measures if necessary.


Delivery of a normative report withing 15 days

We test your installations equipped with HEPA air filters and we perform particle analyzes in the ambient air, so that your spaces meet the security requirements of the processed products, the environment and the technicians. AFPRO Filters’ approach consists of managing the risk chain in controlled environments from A to Z to offer its customers all guarantees regarding the integrity of their clean spaces.

Our expertise

We rely on the expertise of our qualified and trained biosafety technicians through the following actions:

  • Respect for the applicable standards
  • Local teams for better responsiveness
  • Detailed reports of your installations
  • Reliable measuring equipment verified by approved external COFRAC organizations
  • Guarantee filtration standards from A to Z