Improve the energy performance of your building with our service of life cycle calculation. AFPRO Filters is committed to saving energy and protecting against PM1 fine dust every day. In this context, we offer the energy audit to improve the energy performance of your installations while enjoying excellent indoor air quality.



The life cycle cost calculation allows you to:

  • Identify the energy situation of the installations
  • Define indicators and targets for energy efficiency
  • Quantify potential energy savings
  • Develop an action plan to improve energy efficiency
  • Adopt solutions in accordance with Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)

Total cost of air filtration

The total cost of filtration take into account:

  • The energy costs
  • The costs of maintenance (labor: installation and replacement
  • The cost of buying the filters
  • The ecological footprint

1 € = 1PA: 1 extra Pascal related to the loss of the load of a filter costs 1 € more on the energy bill.


Monitor installation

Our teams monitor your air handling units to evaluate the total operating costs, then they study your installations and simulate alternative solutions to define areas for improvement.

AFPRO filter teams visit your sites to make an accurate statement of the following:

  • Types of filters installed
  • Annual filter replacement
  • The operating time of the air handling units and their air flow
  • The available space to adjust new solutions
  • The price of KW / H given by the end customer

Taking account of air quality through the ISO 16890 standard

The final energy check report, sent by AFPRO Filters, now certifies the efficiency of filters in terms of indoor air quality (IAQ) and is in accordance with the principles of the new ISO 16890 standard. The calculation is based on: Outdoor Air Quality Indices (QAEs) and the minimum filtration class to be used to achieve the required indoor air quality. The proposed alternative solutions express the degree of air quality of the building and the potential energy savings.

Determine the improvements

The investigation of the operational fleet makes it possible to determine the total filtration costs of your installation and to define two possible ways of improvement aimed at improving the quality of the indoor air and the energy consumption of the filtration. Finally, this solution integrates support on technological orientations, regulations, the elaboration of specifications, the analysis of offers from suppliers … to take advantage of a long-term vision on management and operation. From the site. A final report is sent to each customer to present the points for improvement that need to be improved.