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What is a bag gilter

What is a Bag Filter? This short video from the AFPRO Filters Academy explains it to you!

bag filter qualities

AFPRO bag filters are used as a pre- or fine filter in air conditioning systems among other things. The filters are available in filter classes G3 – F9 in compliance with EN779:2012, besides which all M5 to F9 filters are certified by means or the EUROVENT “certify all” system. The Bag filter media, made from both polymer and glass fibres, are assembled in a robust plastic, steel or aluminium frame. The aluminium frame is a new introduction for AFPRO Bag filters – its advantage is its great stiffness and the detail or the finish level. With the new aluminium frames in combination with the aerodynamic finishing strips, the  bag filters are even simpler to install, and they will have a lower resistance throughout their lifetime.

Advantages of bag filter

– Large filter surface
– Unique construction and opening of the filter bags
– Very high dust retention capacity through use of high-grade filter materials
– Long filter lifetime
– Low energy consumption
– Dimensioning according to EN15805
– Corrosion-free
– Simple waste processing