FCP pre-filter

The FCP pre-filter is used as a coalescer and is ideal for applications with constant water spray or mist. It extends the service life of downstream filters and protects them from the constant water spray or mist they are exposed to.

  • High efficiency
  • Low pressure drop
  • Long service life
Burst pressure drop
>2000 Pa
Initial pressure drop
60 Pa
Filter class

Gas turbines


  • Burst pressure drop: >2000 Pa
  • Filter class according to ISO 29461-1: ISO Coarse – T4
  • Initial pressure drop: 60 Pa
  • Dust holding capacity: 1200 g
  • Surface area: 24 m2
  • Water retention in case of WR option: 100% when exposed to 0.4 l/min for 1 hour


  • Coalescing properties
  • Low pressure drop
  • High burst pressure
  • Product produced by Faist and approved by gas turbine manufacturers
  • Unique pleat design allows water drainage