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Choosing the right air filter for a hospital and having good air quality in hospitals is essential for the health of your patients, employees and visitors. The main objective is to keep the number of post-operative wound infections (POWI) to a minimum. AFPRO Filters has over 35 years of international experience with air filtration in hospitals.

AFPRO Filters air filter for hospital

3 main functions of air filters in hospitals:

    • Protect patients, employees, and visitors against (bacterial) infections
    • Reduce operational costs by reducing the energy need
    • Protect Air Handling Units and equipment against contamination

The clean air requirements in a hospital vary dramatically depending on the department. In the offices and waiting rooms, normal air quality is sufficient, however, in the largest part of the hospital, a much higher air quality is desired. Understandably, areas such as operating rooms and the intensive care unit have the highest air quality demands.

Not only the fresh air coming into these areas matters, but also the air leaving the “clean” rooms has to be filtered with the correct air filter to avoid contamination.

Energy efficient

Energy consumption is the largest cost during the lifetime of an air filter in a hospital. Over 70% of the total filtration cost is related to energy cost. Since the introduction of the energy labels by Eurovent, choosing an efficient air filter has become a lot easier.

The Eurovent energy labels apply to all air filters with the norm ISO 16890 and range from ePM10 – ePM1  filter classes. AFPRO Filters has launched the “low energy “series of air filters that have an A+ energy label to help hospitals reduce their energy bill and save money.

Please contact us to get free advice to find the right combination of air filters to help avoid contaminations while at the same time trying to reduce the energy bill for your hospital!

Air filtration advice for hospitals Air filtration advice for hospitals