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AFPRO Filters air filter for retail, commercial building and office

A healthy indoor environment is crucial for the well-being and performance of your employees. Many retail and commercial buildings such as office buildings and retail shops receive regular complaints about indoor climate conditions such as temperature, relative humidity and CO2 and particulate matter levels in the workplace. A number of studies have already identified that a poor indoor climate in buildings is the primary cause of high levels of absence due to sickness. Other studies have shown a clear link between working environment and job satisfaction.


Reduce absence due to sickness and increase job satisfaction

A healthy indoor environment in retail and commercial buildings reduces the number of working days lost to sickness and increases employee efficiency and job satisfaction. We therefor advice and help our customers to create the best indoor climate possible with our energy efficient air filters.

Lower energy consumption

The good news is that improving your indoor environment in retail or commercial buildings does not have to cost you more money. With our energy-saving air filters we help you to save energy and money while we improve your indoor climate at the same time. We have a lot of experience with providing clean air for retail and commercial buildings. Here are a few of our case studies:

The extra care housing complex of Oosterheem saves €12,500 per year with our energy-efficient air filters.


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