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Every customer has specific wishes and requirements, the AFPRO Filters academy training center offers a complete service package. In addition to the delivery of filters, our goal is to guide our knowledge and pass it on to our customers for a better understanding of air filtration.

The use, installation and modification of air filters requires specific skills. We have a long experience in this field and we can train your staff in good air filtration practices. We invite you to contact AFPRO Filters experts.



Our training includes both basic knowledge of air filtration and knowledge of new regulations. At AFPRO Filters, we are committed to making up-to-date knowledge available to users. Under the guidance of experienced experts, our courses combine theory and practice to ensure the best knowledge acquisition over a day or half a day.

Our teaching method allows every trainee to:

  • Understand and use the vocabulary of air filtration,
  • Get to know the principles of installation and change of air filters,
  • Identify the filters and know how to choose the material that is technically adapted to your work area,
  • Work effectively to reduce operating costs,
  • Understand the importance of air filtration for indoor air quality (IAQ) of buildings,
  • Understand the ISO 16890.



Our courses are also adapted to your business needs: you can form a group of employees at their workplace or opt for individual training between companies in the training center AFPRO Filters Academy.


DURATION: ½ day to 1 day

GROUP: 20 people max.



  • Filter users in all branches
  • Engineers, technicians, responsible for the design, implementation, control, maintenance or filtration of air
  • Project managers
  • Engineering engineers
  • Maintenance agents
  • Technicians
  • Maintenance managers
  • Buyers
  • Agent



  • Understand the basic principles of air filtration
  • Know the precautions for installation and maintenance
  • Stay up-to-date on technical regulations
  • Know how to manage a progress plan in filtration
  • Determine the best filtration on PM1 fine particles