AFPRO Filters Laboratories

AFPRO Filters stands for quality, durability and innovation. In order to continue to guarantee our customers these important core values, AFPRO Filters has set up its own highly advanced laboratories. Here, research is carried out on a daily basis with a view to rendering our air filters more efficient and durable. AFPRO Filters monitors all products in accordance with the ISO 9001 quality assurance system. The raw materials, semi-manufactured and finished products are checked on the basis of the criteria that the quality system prescribes. This helps vouch for the continuously high quality of our products.

Research and development laboratory

The staff in our R&D lab endeavour to develop new filter media and filtration techniques. For instance, the lab performs research into high quality, unbreakable synthetic fibres, which are progressively constructed by means of a multi-layering technique. This technique contributes to greater durability: The air resistance and therefore also the energy consumption of such filter media is lower. AFPRO Filters is Eurovent accredited in accordance with the Certify All programme. The Eurovent quality mark vouches for consistent quality. The added value that the accreditation offers is guaranteed by independent testing laboratories in Sweden and Finland. These labs perform regular ‘blind’ tests on all manufacturers’ filters for compliance with the stringent Eurovent standards.

Activated carbon laboratory

In addition to its R&D lab, AFPRO Filters has an activated carbon laboratory. Activated carbon is used to trap gaseous particles. In this laboratory, AFPRO carries out research into the adsorption capacity of various types of active carbon and filter media, in accordance with the applicable active carbon standards. The lab can also take samples for customers, which it subsequently uses to analyse the remaining service life or adsorption capacity of a filter. This analysis serves as the basis for recommendations concerning the filters to be used and the consequences in terms of air quality, energy consumption and costs.

AFPRO Filter Services

Our laboratory also serves as a customer service and expertise centre. It therefore also accommodates AFPRO Filter Services, where one can acquire a great deal of knowledge of air filtration, filter media, test standards and monitoring techniques. Furthermore, AFPRO Filters has its own ISO16890 test duct, which is used to test and verify the high quality of all product groups. As a customer, you may also opt to have filters tested in accordance with the latest ISO16890 testing standard. A list of our services follows.

Performing air measurement

The knowledge we have acquired in our laboratories enables us to perform on-site air measurements. In the process, we can assess your entire filtration system’s compliance with the applicable standards. The test methods applied in the course of air measurements are listed below:

  • Eurovent 4/10 – 1996 In situ determination of fractional efficiency of general ventilation filters.
  • ISO/CD 29462 Field testing of general ventilation filtration devices and systems for in-situ removal efficiency by particle size and resistance to airflow.

Filter performance surveys

Your used filters can be examined in our laboratory, to establish filter performance according to the ISO16890 criteria (resistance – efficiency), particle analysis and particle interception capacity. The findings of the survey are used as the basis to issue you, the customer, sound advice on the performance of your filter.

Calculating the actual costs

Our laboratory also advises customers in making a conscious sustainable choice using the Filter Durability Model (FDM). This model, which AFPRO Filters developed itself, provides insight into the actual costs per filter, per month. The FDM is based on the latest filter testing standards and the Eurovent energy label guidelines. Once the calculations have been performed, AFPRO Filters can inform you exactly which type of filter is best for your purposes, as well as the most energy efficient solution for your entire filtration system.