HD Serie Bag Filter

AFPRO Filters manufactures the media itself, this improvement could be made rapidly. Besides a polymer version, AFPRO Filters also introduced a glass fiber version that generously complies with the minimum efficiency stipulated in ISO 16890. The HD filter ranges from ePM10 70%, ISO coarse 70% to ISO coarse 90% in compliance with ISO 16890.

  • Frame: 2-component polyurethane
  • Medium: Synthetic
  • Gasket: Polyurethane

AFPRO Filters BV participates in the ECP programme for Air filters (FIL). Check ongoing validity of certificate: www.eurovent-certification.com

Filter class according to ISO 16890
ISO Coarse, ePM10
Energy label
Maximum final pressure drop
3000 Pa
home ventilation




Gas turbine


  • Frame: 2 component polyurethane
  • Medium : Synthetic
  • Gasket: Polyurethane
  • Maximum temperature : 65°C
  • Maximum relative humidity : 90%


  • Make sure that the filter is fitted correctly:
  • Suction side – clean air side
  • Filter should be correctly installed: no leaks
  • Gaskets should be completely undamaged
  • Filter should be secured at four points
  • Ensure that the filter medium is not folded double
  • Take care to avoid damaging the filter during installation
  • System should be run in for several hours to achieve the desired result
  • Keep filter installation records; note the date, type and initial resistance.

Pressure drop


  • Resistant to extreme pressure
  • Completely combusible
  • Light frame
  • Unique self-supporting Filter medium