Eurovent certification

AFPRO Filters complies with the stringent requirements applicable for Eurovent certification. Eurovent is the European association of air conditioning suppliers, which has developed a certification programme in cooperation with various air filter manufacturers. Eurovent’s aim in introducing certification is to promote fair competition in the filter sector. We are pleased to inform you of the benefits that this significant quality mark offers you.

The Eurovent certificate is your guarantee

  • that your air filters have been tested by independent laboratories
  • that the filters correspond to the design specifications
  • that the filters you purchase comply with the energy consumption levels stated.

Furthermore, Eurovent accreditation serves as a guarantee that all documents supplied together with your filter comply with the European standard. These documents include the product information contained in this catalogue, on our website and in user manuals. In short: The Eurovent quality mark vouches for safe air filters, which also provide excellent performance. The Eurovent certificate is applicable to all our bag filters, compact filters and panel filters tested in accordance with the ISO 16890 standard.


Independent test laboratories

Eurovent-certified filters have been tested in two independent laboratories: SP in the Swedish city of Boras and VTT in Espoo, Finland. These are the sole ISO 17025 accredited laboratories in Europe, and therefore the only ones compliant with the standard. Furthermore, the tests in question are carried out ‘blind’: None of the scientists involved knows which filter manufacturer supplied the products being tested. Eurovent applies for a reference number only to the filters for its own records.

The Eurovent logo

The object of the Eurovent certification programme is to enable the comparison of air filters using an equivocal set of assessment criteria. By publishing the technical specifications of certified filters, Eurovent makes it easier for customers to choose. After all, they need no longer subject the products they intend to buy to their own extensive comparison and performance assessments. As a customer, one can therefore select products manufactured by AFPRO Filters with the assurance that they are fully compliant with both the applicable specifications and the Eurovent requirements.

Further information

The range of fine filters, compliant with the ISO 16890 standard, is certified under number 09.10.433 and is presented in the folder containing certified air filters on the Eurovent certification website: