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Air Filter for School and University

A healthy school building leads to better learning achievements and lower sickness absence. Fresh air is by far the most important factor for creating a healthy indoor climate. Choosing the right air filter is a crucial decision for a school or university.

Studies done by GGD and TNO have shown that the indoor climate in approx. 80% of primary schools is seriously flawed. Several international studies have shown that good air quality leads to a 25% decrease in sickness absence and a 23% increase in learning achievements!

air filter for school and university

A class room is a challenging environment in realizing a healthy indoor climate because, in relative terms, a lot of children (and the teacher) are present in a small place. Choosing the right air filter is a crucial decision for a school or university.

Particulate matter may be an even bigger problem. The growth of the long capacity of children between 8 and 18 lags behind when they are exposed to high substance concentration. There is a heightened chance that these children will develop bronchitis or allergies such as hay fever. We know that every class holds an average of one to two children with asthma and approx. five with over sensitive airways. These children will benefit immediately from cleaner air.

All the more reason to optimise the indoor climate thanks to air filter for school

The solution is a constant air stream which supplies the class room with continuous clean air. The application of the right particulate matter and energy-efficient air filter is crucial in creating a healthy indoor climate.

Our air filter experts will be more than happy to assist you with the right advice for achieving a healthy indoor climate in your school.


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