Paint spray booths

Air filtration in paint spray booths

In paint spray booths, good indoor air quality is essential for process control and operator protection. At AFPRO Filters, we have over 40 years of experience in providing effective air filtration in places where air quality and cleanliness requirements are stringent. Our paint spray booth filtration solutions help control the process and protect operators and the environment from risks such as intoxication, fires and explosions during paint spray application.


The importance of air filtration in paint spray booths

To protect operators and the environment when working with solvent- and water-based paints, it’s important to equip your paint spray booth with highly efficient air filters. This will ensure that the overspray that occurs is captured and you create a safer and more productive work environment.

Effective air filtration is also important because it allows you to protect the pits and exhaust air systems in paint spray booths, which is key to ensuring the quality of your finished product.

Our solutions for paint spray booths

There are the three filtration levels for paint spray booths:

  • Pre-filtration
  • Plenum filtration
  • Extraction filtration

For these three filtration levels, there are a number of air filtration solutions, each with its own purpose and function, to capture fine paint particles. These air filters can be combined to ensure zero exposure to paint overspray particles, and to guarantee healthy, clean air in the operators workplace and the environment outside the paint booth. It’s important that the dirty air from the paint spray booth is properly exhausted to the surroundings to prevent atmospheric pollution, especially of VOCs.

Of all products we offer at AFPRO Filters for paint spray booths, our PaintCab filter is the unrivaled filtration media on the market:

PaintCab filtration media
Air filtration for paint booths Air filtration for paint booths