The power of AFPRO Filters

All our services are based on the following strengths: Quality, sustainability, innovation and delivery reliability. Opting for AFPRO Filters means choosing a filter supplier that aims to provide cost savings, sound advice and delivery reliability.


AFPRO Filters manufactures all major products itself, and can therefore vouch for quality and continuity. Furthermore, AFPRO is capable of supplying filters with non-standard dimensions. We strictly distinguish between standard and special products, however. This enables us to supply standard products at particularly keen prices, while also supplying special products within in very short space of time.


AFPRO Filters considers sustainable manufacturing a matter of course. This implies that we make responsible use of raw materials, while also considering the environmental impact of such materials further along the production chain. The majority of our products are manufactured using materials that can be safely and fully incinerated, while no harmful substances are emitted in the process. Moreover, AFPRO Filters devotes considerable attention to reducing the resistance of air filters. After all, this can considerably reduce energy consumption.


AFPRO Filters has its own laboratories, where both incoming goods are inspected and finished products checked, before being dispatched to the customer. Our existing products are subjected to a continuous process of innovation. In addition, however, we regularly introduce new products, such as energy efficient filters. Another of our innovative services is the analysis of your existing air filters: AFPRO Filters is capable of analysing the areas where you might implement improvements.

Delivery reliability

AFPRO Filters achieves high scores for its logistics and delivery periods, a customer satisfaction has shown. We have an extensive logistics network with complete tracking & tracing facilities. We can inform you of your order status at any given moment. We uphold the motto ‘a deal is a deal’. We therefore do everything within our power to carry out delivery at the agreed time. AFPRO Filters works solely with reliable transport partners: you can therefore rest assured that your shipment will arrive at your premises both in time and in sound working order.

The vital importance of PM1 Filtration and a PM1 Filter according ISO16890

In this interview the Vice President of AFPRO Filters, Mr. Joost Verlaan, explains the vital importance of PM1 filtration and a PM1 Filter according to the new ISO16890 standard.