HSB55 Serie Bag Filter 

HSB55 Serie Bag Filter is used as a pre- or fine filter in air conditioning systems among other thingsair treatment cabinets, air conditioning systems, public areas, and as a pre-filter in cleanrooms and the pharmaceuticals industry. And the filter is made from both polymer and glass fibres. The filter is assembled in a steel or aluminium frame.

  • Frame : Galvanised steel, aluminium
  • Medium : Synthetic
  • Gasket : Polyurethane
Filter class according to ISO 16890
ISO Coarse 80%
Maximum final pressure drop
home ventilation





  • Frame : Galvanised steel, aluminium
  • Medium : Synthetic
  • Gasket : Polyurethane
  • Maximal temperature : 70°C
  • Maximum relative humidity : 90%


  • Make sure that the filter is fitted correctly: Suction side – clean air side
  • Filter should be correctly installed: no leaks
  • Gaskets should be completely undamaged
  • Filter should be secured at four points
  • Ensure that the filter medium is not folded double
  • Take care to avoid damaging the filter during installation
  • System should be run in for several hours to achieve the desired result
  • Keep filter installation records; note the date, type and initial resistance.

Pressure drop


The aluminium frame is a new introduction for AFPRO filters. Its advantage are its great stiffness and the detail or the finish level. The new aluminium frames combined with the aerodynamic finishing strips make the installation easier. Moreover, the filter have a lower resistance throughout their lifetime