Diffuser plenum PF

The PF is a High-efficiency modular filter-supporting air diffuser for risk-3 operating rooms conforming to standard NFS90:351;  It is ideal for the renovation of the operating rooms.

Hopital clinique

Operating room


  • An airtight version in AISI 304 l
  • Available in 1 or multiple module versions, depending on airflow and installation constraints
  • Rear or top air supply (dimensions and position to be confirmed before starting the manufacturing process)
  • Measuring nipples for differential pressure measurement filters
  • 100% collection point for the integrity tests filters
  • One-piece seals for optimum airtightness
  • Modified clamping system for dry seal filters
  • Air diffusion over the entire surface by means of perforated grids fitted with a quarter turn screw closure

Technical description


The Polyclinique du Parc, located in Maubeuge, is a medical and surgical clinic. This modern specialist medico-surgical center offers care tailored to the needs of its patients. The Polyclinique du Parc specializes in cancer treatment, visceral surgery, and bariatric surgery.  Dalkia is in charge of air quality at the Maubeuge polyclinic Dalkia is a subsidiary […]