Quality through in-house production

AFPRO Filters has its own factories. We control all production phases of filters and boxes, from pre-filtration to absolute filtration. AFPRO Filters has also developed a unique range of fiberglass filter media that facilitate maintenance work: longer service life, protection against any risk of particle release at the end of service life.

The wide range of air filters is intended for multiple applications in different environments such as hospitals, pharmaceutical and food industries, museums, airports, data centers, and public service institutions. We also produce highly specialized products that respond to the specific needs of our customers.

We pay special attention to the choice of materials, safety (for example the absence of formaldehyde in products, an aluminum frame, safety tape) and ease of maintenance. At all stages of the product life cycle (production, transport, packaging, waste reprocessing), AFPRO Filters adjusts its methods to improve its ecological impact. The production locations are ISO 14001 certified.