HL-PHR filter housing

HL-PHR filter housing is suitable for air return in clean room with turbulent air flow and staged préfiltres and fine filters. A durable, robust product, designed for ease of installation and maintenance of the filters.

For filters thick
48 or 96 mm
Connection on
the top or the side

Pharmaceutical industry




  • Electro-galvanized steel 15/10e and 20/10e
  • Epoxy paint RAL 9010, oven-baked
  • Connection on the top or the side
  • For filters 48 or 96 mm thick
  • Pressure connector accessible from the room
  • Grill: perforated


  • Robust, welded construction
  • Easy opening/closing of the grill
  • Grill easy to remove
  • Installation with universal system: Feet or brackets
  • Modular for filters of thickness 48 or 96 mm