HD-CE Filtering Ceiling

HD-CE Filtering Ceiling for operating theatres.

Hopital clinique


  • Construct on: Painted galvanized steel, plenum + sealed filter supports assembled in the factory, total height 450 mm
  • Design: In one or several parts to be assembled on site, depending on the dimensions and access constraints for the unit
  • With sealed pass-through for scialytique. Lateral or top-of-plenum air return pipe connect on
  • Peripheral clamp in the lower sect on
  • Support system in the upper sect on for at achement to the support
  • Pressure connectors to measure dirt build-up on the filters
  • 100% connector for filter integrity tests
  • Joint plane extruded from a single piece in order to guarantee air-tightness
  • Gripping system for filters 68 mm thick with dry joints using pivoting feet
  • Perforated sheet metal for diffusion that can be removed by turning 90°, perforation covering the entire surface and preventing the creation of any dead zone