HD-CE Filtering Ceiling

For operating theaters, which require the control of infectious risks, it is essential to ensure the safety of the environment of the patient with an adapted filtration, the conception and the design of the products must also take into account the aeraulic comfort for the operating team.

Intended for hospitals, the HD-CE filtering ceiling meets the requirements of the NFS 90-351 standard. This modular solution adapts to local dimensions and constraints in order to guarantee flawless air quality. Its painted galvanized steel construction, combined with a plenum with factory-assembled filter supports, as well as a parting line drawn from a single piece for each filter cell, guarantee a perfect seal. To facilitate inspection, clogging measurements and filter control, the HD-CE ceiling is fitted with 100% taps and pressure taps. Finally, the perforated diffusion sheets can be dismantled by ¼ turn latches and the perforation is integral to avoid any dead zone.

Designed for
Operating room risk 3 and 4
In accordance with
NFS 90-351 standard
Hopital clinique

Operating theaters


  • Application: Diffuse OR ceiling with high efficiency, suitable as a solution for risk zones 3 and 4 according to NFS90:351 and operating rooms A and B according to DIN1946
  • Construction: galvanized steel, powder coated, plenum and filter housing airtight (pre)assembled in the factory, total height 450 mm
  • Design: in one or more parts for mounting on site, depending on the dimensions and design.
  • With airtight lead-through for operating light
  • Air supply connection on the side or top of the plenum (dimensions and position depend on the air volume and construction options)
  • 25 mm finishing profile around the plenum• Fixing system above for the suspension and support
  • Connection 100% point for the integrity tests and differential pressure measurement filters• 1-piece sealing surface to ensure airtightness
  • Fixing for 68 or 90 mm thick dry-seal filters• Diffusion of the air by means of perforated grids that cover the entire surface to guarantee a homogeneous distribution and avoid dead zone

Construction variants and options

  • AISI version
  • Construction for mounting filters with a gel seal• Construction for 110mm high filters for lower resistance
  • Specially sized air inlet
  • Lowered construction of 300 mm possible, max. height air inlet is 140 mm



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