Press Release – AFPRO Filters takes new ISO 16890 test rig in operation

Alkmaar, NL – February 2017

AFPRO Filters, the manufacturer of energy efficient air filters, has taken the new ISO 16890 test rig into use in their laboratory in Alkmaar. This new test rig is the first one of its kind in The Netherlands. This new Air Filter Test System has been developed according to ISO16890 the new global air filter test standard that replaces both the EN 779:2012 and ASHREAE 52.2-2008 standards.

The new ISO16890 standard shifts the focus from filtration performance at certain particle size to the performance on particulate matter size (PM) and is therefore a much more realistic test criteria than the theoretical EN779:2012. This fulfils the need of the market to have more clear performance of air filters that is closer to real life performance.

Joost Verlaan, Vice President AFPRO Filters: “Protection against particulate matter is part of our company strategy. The introduction of the new ISO 16890 standard is enforcing our strategy. This new ISO 16890 test rig will enable us to test all of our air filters according the new standard and it’s a huge step forward for our R&D department.”

Onno Kooijman, Head of R&D at AFPRO Filters: ”In the test rig the filter samples can be easily installed into the rotatable and movable duct sections. We will measure the performance on filters in an charged and discharged circumstance. Via this method we have an better indication of the filters in real life. At the same time we also perform an dust loading that will increase the pressure drop. This will give an indication on the actual energy consumption of the filters.  based on these methods we can indicate efficiency on different fine dust fractions and energy labels on the products. We will make sure that all our filters live up to the strict ISO16890 standard. Our test rig will be very busy in the coming period!

About AFPRO Filters

AFPRO Filters offers their customers the best air quality via energy efficient air filters that protect against particulate matter. Since the company was founded in 1979, AFPRO Filters has secured a leading role in the international air filtration market. Our energy efficient air filters that also protect you against various forms of particulate matter are globally available through our own offices and an extensive international dealer network.

Besides the energy saving air filters and high quality products, AFPRO Filters stands out because of its excellent logistics and high quality service. AFPRO Filters also produces highly specialized customized work that meets the specific wishes of our valued customers. Clean air. Our care.