Dutch company urgently supplies filters to new Wuhan hospital.

The Corona virus that has broken out in China seems to be emerging in more and more countries. Now that the first cases have also surfaced in Europe, aid workers around the world are doing everything they can to stop the virus. Dutch company AFPRO Filters has a factory located in China and has offered a helping hand.

The virus claims new victims daily and is spreading rapidly. Dozens of new cases are reported every day. The city of Wuhan immediately started on the construction of a new hospital where a maximum of a 1000 patients can be treated. Doctors and nurses from all over the area are deployed to staff the hospital.

AFPRO Filters has been making air filters for over 40 years. One of their factories is located in China. The filters have now been developed to such an extent that they are capable of filtering even the smallest particle of polluted air and distributing clean air. They are therefore often used in operating rooms and in the pharmaceutical industry.

Joost Verlaan, director of AFPRO Filters: “When it became clear that a new hospital had to be set up within 10 days in Wuhan, we immediately decided to help. Because of the Chinese New Year, many employees were on leave, but we made a call to suspend that leave and go to work. This was answered by a massive positive response.”

Thanks to the rapid action of AFPRO and the involvement of their employees, the high performance filters can be delivered within a few days. This will help the new hospital to minimize the chance of infection of visitors and employees and also increase the chance of recovery for people with symptoms of the disease.