AFPRO Filters during corona crisis

March 2020. Everything changed overnight. A virus that seemed far away came to us at breakneck speed and suddenly thousands of people are at home and there is not much to do but wait and follow the rules of the local health authorities. For many people, and certainly for entrepreneurs, it is a situation that no one was really prepared for and which causes a lot of worry and uncertainty.

When the virus broke out in China in early January, the Wuhan government had to make quick decisions. One of them was to start building two emergency hospitals as soon as possible. AFPRO Filters, which has a factory located near the affected area, took immediate action and provided the hospitals with filters that keep the air inside free of bacteria and virus particles. This is a good way to protect both patients and staff. You can read more about this in this post. The virus is now finally in remission in China. A hopeful message for the countries that are still in the midst of the corona crisis.

Due to the huge increase in the demand for air filters (mainly coming from various hospitals), we have all but doubled our production. And we have plenty of stock available. Our distribution and transport is also fully operational. If you have any questions about air quality and filtering, please contact us by mail or phone. Our employees are equipped to quickly and thoroughly inform you about the operation and installation of the filters.

We are confident that, with appropriate action and a strict follow up to expert guidelines, Europe and the rest of the world, too, will emerge from this crisis safely and strongly. Our filters are only a small link in the fight against the virus, but we are nevertheless fully at your service.