Press Release – AFPRO Filters joins Eurovent Middle East

Alkmaar, The Netherlands

AFPRO Filters shares the vision of EUROVENT Middle East that high quality air filtration is key for the Middle East region. Therefore we are proud to join the Eurovent Middle East as their newest member. AFPRO Filters stands out in the world of air filtration as it manufacturers it’s own glass fibre filter media for a maximum Particulate Matter (PM1) / Fine dust protection according the latest global ISO16890 standard.

Joost Verlaan, Vice president at AFPRO Filters says:“The partnership we have with Eurovent is a very strategic one for us and with this new membership with Eurovent Middle East we strengthen that relationship. For us the Middle East region offers a huge growth opportunity that gets enforced by this partnership. We are excited to be on board with Eurovent Middle East!”

About AFPRO Filters

AFPRO Filters offers their customers the best air quality via energy efficient air filters which protect against particulate matter. Since the company was founded in 1979, AFPRO Filters has secured a leading role in the international air filtration market. Our energy efficient air filters that also protect you against various forms of particulate matter are globally available through our own offices and an extensive international dealer network.

Besides the energy saving air filters and high quality products, AFPRO Filters stands out because of its excellent logistics and high quality service. AFPRO Filters also produces highly specialized customized work that meets the specific wishes of our valued customers. Clean air. Our care.

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