Hotel Hilton Schiphol Airport

The new Hotel Hilton Schiphol Airport: fully focused on guest comfort 

In December 2016, the new Hilton Amsterdam Schiphol opened its doors. The hotel has no less than 433 rooms. In addition to various luxury rooms, the hotel offers 25 meeting rooms, including a ballroom with a capacity of 640 persons as well as the largest conference centre of Schiphol. (picture 1 =  pm1 air filter hotel hilton schiphol airport suite).

The hotel is fully focused on comfort. In order to guarantee this, the hotel must meet a number of brand standards. Bert Tenthof, Chief Engineer at Hilton Schiphol: “Brand standards are the requirements drawn up by our main office that all Hilton hotels must meet. This not only concerns the quality of food and the status of the rooms, but also the indoor climate and the lighting. We are inspected regularly on whether we meet these high standards. Regarding the indoor climate, an advanced building management system provides control and regulation of equipment for air treatment, lighting and security systems. Everything we need to make staying here as pleasant as possible.” 

Sustainable enterprise as important part of the organisation policy

Despite having comfort and luxury as the top priority, the hotel makes a great effort to keep the CO2 emissions as low as possible. Tenthof: “An example of this is our heat-cold-storage. We use groundwater in the soil as an energy buffer. To calculate the impact of its hotels on the environment and to compare them, Hilton developed the ISO-certified system Light Stay. This system measures the gas, water and electricity usage and the waste production and separation. We report these data monthly to the main office and we use the data to improve ourselves. It is a bit of a competition, because the employees of the ‘greenest’ hotel are rewarded annually.”  (Picture 2 = pm1 air filter hotel hilton schiphol airport lobby).

“The comfort of guests is the focus of our hotel. Proper air filtering is essential for a healthy and pleasant indoor climate. The new filters perfectly match our objectives of decreasing CO2 emissions. This is a real win-win situation for us”, Bert Tenthof, Chief Engineer at Hilton Schiphol 

In addition to service and comfort, the hotel also offers air quality at the 4-star level. “We feel responsible for the wellbeing of our guests and employees. The indoor climate plays an important role in this. Despite meeting all quality norms, we wanted to see if we could improve on it when designing the new hotel. AFPRO Filters reviewed the possibilities and pointed us to a new type of air filter. This filter provides further optimization of the air quality while also reducing energy usage and, with that, the costs”, says Tenthof. 

Maurice Gijzen, senior account manager AFPRO Filters: “At the time, I advised Hilton Schiphol to transition to the new PM1 particulate matter filter. The advantage of this filter is its lower air resistance. Thanks to this, the ventilator in the air handling unit can spin easier, thus decreasing power usage. Simply placing this filter results in an energy saving of no less than 57%! An additional benefit is that the air quality increases even further.” 

Improved indoor climate at a lower cost

Tenthof: “Proper air filtering is essential for a healthy and pleasant indoor climate. The new filters perfectly match our objectives for reducing the CO2 emissions. This is a real win-win situation for us.” 

Tenthof is also positive about the collaboration with AFPRO Filters: “AFPRO was actively involved in the development of the new hotel. As I expected. After all, we have been working together for 37 years with great satisfaction. We have only ever had good experiences with AFPRO Filters, regarding both quality and service.” 

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