Saving Energy with Energy Saving Air Filters

AFPRO Filters helps you with saving energy and money with our energy saving air filters.  With a high quality air filter a great deal of money can be saved on energy cost. But how does this ROI on your air filter work exactly? Check out this video and find out!

Energy saving air filter

This infographic also explains you how saving energy and money with an air filter works.

AFPRO Filters saving energy infographic-ENG

A dirty air filter causes your heating and cooling system to run longer in order to keep the temperature constant. The Department of Energy (DOE) has estimated that a clogged air filter causes the heating and cooling system is to use 15% more energy than when the air filter was new.

This inefficiency increases quickly as the filter become more and more clogged. The DOE has also estimated that, on average, half of a household’s energy use if for heating and cooling. If you make a conservative calculation you can save from never running your system with a clogged air filter is to take half of your average monthly energy bill, multiply it by 15% and multiply that by the number of months the system is running with a clogged air filter.  And remember that these are not just one-time savings, but continue year after year.

Are you ready to save energy and money? Get the energy saving air filter from AFPRO Filters and contact us now!