HPM Serie HEPA Filter

HEPA Filter are highly reliable, as they are subjected to strict quality checks and extensive testing. HPM Serie HEPA Filter are constructed in various ways, depending on their application. Ranging from H14, H13, E12, E11, E10 in compliance with EN 1822.

  • Frame : MDF
  • Medium : Glass fiber paper
  • Gasket : Frothed polyerethane
Filterclass according to EN1822
E10, E11, H13, H14
Maximum/recommended final pressure drop
500 Pa


Hopital clinique

operating rooms

food industry

food processing


  • Frame : MDF
  • Spacers :Aluminium
  • Bonding : 2 component polyurethane
  • Medium : Glass fiber paper
  • Gasket : Frothed polyerethane
  • Maximum temperature : 70°C
  • Maximum relative humidity : 90%


It is essential that the following rules be observed when installing HEPA filters :

  • Avoid touching the pleat package, as this may cause damage
  • Ensure that every HEPA filter is validated following installation, to ensure that it is correctly fitted and devoid of damage
  • Keep copies of test reports on the filters, and maintain suitable records of the test reports, stickers, resistances and validation reports
  • Ensure that the flow rate of HEPA filters is never exceeded by more than 25%. Such excesses may cause performance deterioration or even damage the filter
  • When fitting, ensure that the frames and filters are clean and that gaskets and any other seals are completely intact
  • Use suitable protective equipment at all times, even when replacing used filters
  • Maintain filter installation records; note the date, type and initial resistance.


  • The lowest possible resistance for each model
  • A reduction of your energy costs.
  • Filters with the classification H13 & H14 are delivered with a test certificate