HL-HD HEPA Terminal hood

HL-HD HEPA Terminal hood is used for the blowing or extraction of air from operating rooms.

For HEPA filters thick
68 or 150 mm
Connection on
the top or the side
Hopital clinique



  • Galvanized Steel RAL 9010 epoxy paint
  • Connection on the top or the side
  • Plenum and filter support assembled and sealed, airtight
  • For HEPA filters 68 or 150 mm thick
  • Pressure connectors mounted
  • Grill: interchangeable perforated, helicoid-jet or 4-way


  • Can be used for many purposes: air supply/return, wall or ceiling installation
  • 3 diffuser models suitable for different types of diffusion:
  • Perforated Grill for vertical diffusion
  • Helicoid grill for diffusion of air via mixture
  • 4-way grill for multidirectional diffusion
  • HL-HD-S version available with register that can be adjusted from the room

HL-HD Diffusers

HL-HD diffusers

Helicoid Grill

HL-HD diffusers

4-way Grill

Perforated Grill