MFA De Oude Tol – UNICA

A healthy indoor climate and saving on energy go hand in hand in school!

The multifunctional accommodation Oude Tol in Reeuwijk is home to three elementary schools a kindergarten, a day-care and after-school care. On the upper story are another twenty apartments with an additional six ‚penthouses‘. Wolter Duinker, General Manager Since 2011 maintenance of the complex has been in the hands of Unica, they have a good reputation in the area and opting to do business with them was a logical step.

Marco Bles, Contract Manager Technical Management at Unica remarks that Our goal is to create a healthy and safe indoor climate. At a time when air pollution is ever increasing the importance of a healthy environment must grow along with it. The fact that these increases often go hand in hand with substantial energy savings is unknown to many companies. The project Oude Tol is a good example of how Unica realizes both with AFPRO Filters.

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New air filter improves the indoor climate by 57%

Duinker: „Within the complex we have to deal with different people including vulnerable groups such as very young children and the elderly. This places additional demands on the quality of indoor air. MFA Oude Tol is therefore equipped with four air handling units equipped with about thirty air filters, outside air is drawn in, brought to temperature and then filtered to rid it of contamination such as highly damaging particulate matter.

Several studies show that particulate matter can cause severe damage to the respiratory tract especially among vulnerable groups. Friends of the Earth recently showed that the concentration of fine particles in different parts of the Netherlands is higher than allowed by European directives. Duinker points out that people often spend many hours in our building, by protecting them as well as possible against air pollution we contribute to good health.

Innovations such as new types of air filters that filter more particulates from the air contribute greatly. Maurice Gijzen senior account manager at AFPRO Filters: „Recently we launched a new PM1 air filter this filter removes more fine dust from the air making the air quality improve by up to 57%. The filter fits into virtually any air handling unit so that no adjustments are necessary. “It‘s simply a matter of changing out the old filter for the new one.“

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An air filter quickly pays for itself

“Oude Tol annually saves approximately € 1,000. Someone who only chooses to look at the costs will notice a slightly more expensive filter. But those who look further can see a great saving and a huge improvement in air quality“ – Marco Bles, Contract Manager Technical Management at Unica.

There is another reason why we were quick to switch to these new filters. For us cost savings are of course very important. Schools always have to cope with insufficient funds so it is a challenge for us to bring energy costs down says an enthusiastic manager.The air has a much lower resistance allowing the air handling to consume less energy.

MFA Oude Tol now save about 20% on energy costs. The purchase of the filter is slightly more expensive, but it pays for itself within a year. Annually it will save approximately €1,000. Someone who only chooses to look at the costs will notice a slightly more expensive filter, but if you look further you will actually see great savings and a vast improvement of the living environment.

Bles: „This has a perfect fit within the philosophy of Unica and AFPRO Filters which is achieving a safe and healthy indoor environment by using renewable resources. We hereby provide an active contribution to energy savings to our customers. Companies often have no idea how quickly developments go in this area.

There are better alternatives available now to filters that have been running in systems in the past if you require greater energy efficiency and filter capacity. Companies often think that in order to save money major investments should first be performed which only pay themselves back on the long run. MFA Oude Tol proves the contrary.