Whitepaper – The advantages of filtration

The air in the Netherlands and Belgium contains high concentrations of incredibly harmful particulate matter. Modern, high-quality air filters create a cleaner indoor climate and consume much less energy. The productivity of employees will increase and your climate control expenses will plummet.

The importance of a good air filter

Every company uses a form of climate control. It creates clean air and a pleasant working environment. But climate control consumes a lot of energy. Because of that, producers of air filters invest extensively in energy efficient air filters. Have you been using the same air filter for years? It might be wise to research alternatives.

Switching to a more modern, efficient air filter is simple and can save you thousands of euros a year. Modern air filters filter more harmful particulate matter from the air as well. That is important, because in the Netherlands and Belgium the percentage of particulate matter exceeds the European Regulations.

VITO research shows that particulate matter is twelve times more harmful than passive smoking. Polluted air leads to decreased productivity and increased sick leave, and it may even be lethal in the long term. So air pollution is an issue that should be taken seriously.

In this whitepaper we will show you how to save a lot of money and reduce sick leave of your employees by switching to another type of air filter.

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