TC-2-A1 – FFP2

An FFP2 face mask is used as a filter for air inhaled during breathing. This mask is intended as a half mask and is meant solely to protect against airborne particles.  This mask is an item of personal protective equipment (PPE) for general use in conditions where class FFP2 breathing protection is necessary. This mask is not intended as a filter for liquids, odours, gases and volatile fumes. 

  • Efficiency of filter materiel: 94%
  • Single use

Filter classification
Public concerned
Healthcare professionals
Made in Holland

Quantity and packaging

  • Each box contains 50 mouth caps; intended for single use.
  • The packaging contains a simple instruction on the correct and safe use of the mouth masks.
  • You will also find an extensive technical specification via the QR code on the box.


The TC-2-A1 mask consists of 5 layers of media, 2 elastic straps (or bands), 1 aluminum nose strip and 1 polyvinyl chloride nose gasket.