IT Systems Administrator

Short description of the department in general:

The ICT department is responsible for an optimally functioning ICT system of the organization. This includes a full responsibility for the maintenance of the ICT systems tailored to the organization, based on the needs of the organization and its (future) needs for automation/digitization. This also includes the implementation of an up-to-date ICT security policy.

To ensure an optimally functioning ICT system in the organization, ICT department manages networks, telephone systems, servers, client hardware and the ERP system. The department identifies and reports developments that are necessary to keep the company functioning up to date.

The job:

System Administrator ensures a optimally functioning ICT system in the organizations operating systems and software up-to-date for all locations in the world. The work consists of:

With sufficient aptitude and experience, some duties normally assigned to (or outsourced) to the ICT coordinator may be assigned to the System Administrator. These include:


Personal competences:

Required skills: